Using margin in an investment account can introduce several dangers and risks, especially for retirees who may have a more conservative investment approach. Here are some key dangers to consider:

1. Increased risk: Margin trading involves borrowing money from a brokerage to purchase additional securities. While this can amplify potential gains, it also magnifies losses. Retirees, who typically have a lower risk tolerance and rely on their investment returns for income, may find it challenging to recover from significant losses.

2. Higher costs: Margin trading incurs interest charges on the borrowed funds, which can add up quickly, especially if the investments don't perform as expected. These costs can eat into the retiree's investment returns and diminish their overall portfolio value.

3. Market volatility: Margin trading can make retirees more vulnerable to market volatility. If investments decline in value, the margin requirement may increase, leading to a margin call. A margin call requires the investor to deposit additional funds or sell securities to meet the margin maintenance requirement. Forced selling during a market downturn could result in locking in losses or missing out on potential future gains.

4. Limited time for recovery: Retirees generally have a shorter investment horizon compared to younger individuals. This reduced time frame means they have less time to recover from any potential losses incurred through margin trading. A significant loss could impact their retirement income and financial stability.

5. Psychological stress: Margin trading can add significant stress and anxiety, particularly for retirees who may have less tolerance for financial risk. Constant monitoring of investments, managing margin requirements, and making timely decisions can take a toll on retirees' peace of mind and overall well-being.

Given these dangers, retirees are generally advised to adopt a more conservative and risk-averse investment strategy, focusing on preserving capital and generating reliable income rather than engaging in high-risk margin trading. 

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