Law Offices of David Harrison, P.C. are thrilled to announce a recent victory by our very own David Harrison, who successfully obtained a FINRA Award on behalf of a broker client, resulting in the expungement of the broker’s disclosure.

A Significant Victory

This achievement is significant, as it underscores our firm’s commitment to protecting the reputations and careers of stockbrokers. The expungement process is complex and requires a deep understanding of FINRA rules and procedures. David Harrison’s success in this case demonstrates our firm’s expertise in navigating this intricate process.

The Impact of Expungement

Expungement of a broker’s disclosure from the FINRA Broker Check record can have profound implications for a broker’s career. It can open up new opportunities and restore a broker’s professional reputation. This case is a testament to the positive impact that expungement can have for brokers.

About David Harrison

David Harrison is a principal attorney at the Law Offices of David Harrison. He specializes in providing legal services to stockbrokers, particularly in expunging customer complaints from their FINRA Broker Check records. His dedication and expertise have made him a trusted advocate for brokers.

Looking Forward

We are proud of David Harrison’s accomplishment and remain committed to advocating for our clients. If you are a stockbroker with a customer complaint on your FINRA Broker Check record and are considering expungement, we invite you to contact us for a consultation.

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